About Hannah 


Hannah believes strongly in the importance of place.  Be it a favorite restaurant, an inspiring shop, or a beautiful hotel, the visceral reaction we have to a place can dictate our experience there; whether we linger or move on, return or do not, or choose to share our experience with others.   Living in the right place can be the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life, and that’s why Hannah has devoted more than a decade to the art of interior design.  She specializes in high-end residential and boutique commercial spaces, as well as custom product and furnishings.

After graduating from The University Of Virginia, School of Architecture, Hannah relocated to New York City, where she began her career working for the award-winning design firm, Sills Huniford.  In 2005, she joined the celebrated design firm, Aero Ltd., where she spent seven years working closely with America's iconic designer, Thomas O'Brien, and his inspiring design team.  In 2014, after more than ten years in the industry, Hannah opened her own design studio, Hannah Galbreath Design, where she continues to provide her clients with outstanding and personalized service, and remains dedicated to producing beautiful spaces that reflect the individuality of each of her unique clients.

While building her design career in New York, Hannah also managed to graduate from the French Culinary Institute, earning high honors in their Classic Culinary Arts program.  She also received a certificate in the art of Food Styling.  Before moving to Utah, she worked for Union Square Events, the catering arm of Danny Meyer's food empire.  Outside of Union Square events, Hannah has had the opportunity to create specialty, high-end confections and food items for an impressive list of socialites and celebrities alike.

By combining her passion and talent for both design and food, Hannah Galbreath Design has grown to include Event Planning to their repertoire.  With her diverse experience, Hannah understands that a successful event requires an exceptional overall experience; from the aesthetic design details to the culinary experience.  Hannah Galbreath Design offers full-service event planning, from floral design to full-scale wedding planning.

For more information about Hannah and her services, contact us at hannah@hannahgalbreath.com.